Rook makes me imagine the oceania through paper mache and stop animation.
— Nadeem Salaam, Elevtrtrax

Tara Rook is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, artist, and film photographer residing in Portland, Maine. Although she began studying piano at a young age, her musical aspirations really began to take shape while attending the State University of New York at Fredonia, where she received a degree in Music Business with a minor in Music.

While attending university, Rook immersed herself in the “DIY” music community that Fredonia fostered, playing solo shows at art galleries, cafes, friends’ basements, and any upstart she could find. Despite the fact that her college years were dotted with beloved exchange programs in London and New York City, it was there that she found like-minded musicians and artists whose mutual passion for the arts would become her sole pursuit in life.  

During her last few semesters of school, Rook started an all girl electronic band called with Suzanne Bonifacio (Space Cubs) and Kat Casale (Crusher). The trio quickly rose to become a successful band within the Fredonia music scene, opening for notable acts such as Twin Shadow. Upon graduation, she decided to return to New York with fellow Chromakid band mate Bonifacio - settling down in Brooklyn and setting in motion her career as a professional musician. With Chromakid no longer a unit, the two friends decided to do a short stint as a duo going by the name Too Tiger.

Not long after disbanding, Tara decided to shelve her penchant for electronic music and began writing songs on guitar. The change was a welcome regression from the endless expanse of electronic music, and it allowed her to develop a lingering passion she had for singer/songwriters exemplified by idol Jeff Buckley.  Ironically, the change would eventually bring her back full circle to the world of electronic music, placing her once again behind a keyboard.

In the winter of 2013, Rook performed at an acoustic show with Brooklyn duo Belle Mare, comprised of singer Amelia Bushell and guitarist Thomas Servidone. After approaching the duo at the show, Rook quickly joined their ranks as keyboardist, a move that would reignite her innate passion for electronic music.

While developing songs with Belle Mare, Tara began planting the seeds of what would become her first EP as a solo artist. Released on a whim in the summer of 2013, “For Your Only” is a collection of four songs that are expressly modern with hints of classical, folk and orchestral themes.

With a voice as soft as lace - and clearly the focal point - Rook never outshines her instrumentation, allowing the listener to fully envelop themselves in the songs’ diverse movements and standstill emotional weight. As a whole, her music lies in the twilight between the insulating comfort of darkness and the chaotic thrill of city lights.  With similarities ranging from contemporaries such as James Blake and Julia Holter, to eccentric composers like Erik Satie, the sound she creates is chillingly beautiful and all its own.

Along with playing music, Tara enjoys spending time with friends and family, wine, food, and practicing Buddhism, a faith she has held since childhood. Not only is she an accomplished musician, she is also a dancer, and has maintained her presence in that world, composing music for Brooklyn choreographer Kate Ladenheim (The People Movers) and Dutch choreographer Marlieke Burghouts.

Her music is featured in "Sarah Is Not Her Name", a short film directed by Eduardo Rios.

Rook has self-released two EP's, "For Your Only" and "Two of One", and a full length album "End of Sea" premiered on Elevtrtrx under the moniker "ROOK".  She is currently producing tracks with Genesis Be and Freda James along with developing her passion project, Just Milk.